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Versatile components for cold rooms: Intertecnica's solutions

Versatile components for cold rooms: Intertecnica's solutions

All cold room doors – irrespective of type, thickness and size – must be equipped with certain key components to ensure their proper performance, efficiency and cold-proofing.

Fasteners, hinges, sliding systems, pressure relief valves and gaskets belong to the large family of components for cold rooms. All these components, if designed appropriately, can be adapted to the most diverse requirements and therefore made to promptly meet the needs of those who will use the door.

It is precisely for this reason that Intertecnica has developed its products in such a way as to make them versatile and adaptable for perfect integration in any cold room:

  • Latches and handles: these components are made to be fully interchangeable, and can therefore be mounted either on the right or left side of the door, depending on the customer's preference. We offer a range of both self-engaging lever and rotary handles. The latter type of handle is particularly useful for cold rooms that reach very low temperatures, such as blast chillers, and in all contexts where compliance with specific noise regulations is required.
  • Panic openings: international regulations stipulate that certain types of cold room must be equipped with a panic opening system to guarantee the safety of operators and avoid the risk of accidental closure inside the room. Intertecnica therefore provides tailor-made panic opening solutions capable of withstanding low temperatures and with CE certification.
  • Guides: the guides of sliding closure systems can be either wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but the wall-mounted guide is generally more flexible, easier to clean, does not involve fixing to the ground, and solves problems of surface alignment and flatness.
  • Hinges: the hinges are designed to fit perfectly not only to the different types of door (flush, semi-flush or overlap) but also to the panels of different thicknesses on which they are to be mounted. In this way, the hinges remain perfectly efficient and well-performing at all times, and allow maximum freedom in the design of the door.
  • Pressure Relief Valves: Intertecnica compensation valves fit panels of any thickness from 40 to 250 mm and – like the G zero series valves  – do not require calibration. Furthermore, they are suitable for mounting on either a wall or ceiling without this affecting their efficiency, and can therefore be installed in the most convenient location for the user without the need to carry out additional technical assessments. This solution, developed and patented by Intertecnica is compatible with any type of cold room, from small refrigerated cabinets to large cold rooms, and can meet the customer’s every need.

In order to better meet its customers’ many requirements, Intertecnica can also modify the characteristics or colours of its products to offer customised solutions. In this way, the components of the cold room form, to all intents and purposes, a 'unique' and highly identifiable product.

Please contact us if you are looking for a “tailor-made” solution.