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Choosing the ideal supplier of cold room door components? Nine features not to forget

Choosing the ideal supplier of cold room door components? Nine features not to forget

The parts of a cold room door play an essential role in ensuring the correct seal, durability, and efficiency, and therefore have a significant impact on end customer satisfaction. Indeed, if the door is not working properly, the source of the problem is often the cold room door components. This is why it is very important to be able to rely on high-quality parts provided by qualified, competent and reliable partners capable of providing professional assistance and support at any time.

But how can you tell if a certain supplier of cold room door parts is really the right one? Here are nine elements that will help you find the perfect partner.

  1. Choice of materials: to obtain resistant, safe, and high-performance parts, the use of quality materials is essential. The ideal supplier always answers directly for the materials and products it supplies, guaranteeing impeccable fasteners, hinges, handles, and sliding systems. This is why Intertecnica products are made of plastic technopolymers that are guaranteed to be long lasting and have high corrosion resistance.
  2. Reduced need for maintenance: cold room door hardwares are naturally subject to wear and tear because they are always in motion and are susceptible to significant stress.  This is precisely why Intertecnica has focused on developing maintenance free parts. Some parts subject to friction, for example, are made of particular ‘self-lubricating’ materials such as POM (or acetal plastic), which is resistant to wear, absorbs very little moisture, and has good sliding properties, therefore requiring no maintenance or cleaning.
  3. Interchangeability of parts: cold room doors are designed to last, but it may still be necessary to replace any damaged or worn parts after many years. A good supplier of cold room door parts must take this into account and ensure that its new products can also be used to replace old components, allowing customers to work on the door they already have without needing to change it. 
  4. Adjustments: the best cold room door hardwares are those that can be easily adjusted and adapted if the structure of the door is changed. The ability to make adjustments is an essential aspect to consider when choosing the parts supplier for your doors.
  5. Long-term service: the ideal supplier will support you over time and create a long-lasting collaboration. It is essential for the supplier to become a real trusted partner you can work with to design the perfect products, even in difficult, non-standard, or unexpected situations. 
  6. Assistance in the event of unexpected events: your supplier must always be able to guarantee all the help you need to solve any technical problems, breakdowns, or other difficult situations that could push end customers to request your help.
  7. A focus on customers: the quality of the products is always fundamental, but the supplier’s service must also include a range of added attention. It is important, for example, that the delivery methods are in line with your needs, the assembly instructions are simple and clear, the products are carefully packaged, and so on. All these elements enhance the products used in your projects and allow you to work better.
  8. Adequate delivery times: it can sometimes be difficult to guarantee the quick delivery of products within a given timeframe, especially in this moment and when dealing with various difficulties. The ideal supplier, however, is able to solve these problems in your best interests, especially if there is an ongoing relationship and it is possible to set a long-term schedule.
  9. Consultation: finally, the best refrigeration hardware supplier works with customers to develop new products and, when necessary, provide custom products based on specific needs. In short, a supplier must not be a simple distributor of items, but a real partner to work with from a technical point of view, illustrating needs and studying custom solutions together.


If you are looking for the perfect supplier of parts for cold room doors, Intertecnica is the partner for you! Visit our website!