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How to assemble the components of a cold room door

How to assemble the components of a cold room door

In order to exploit the full potential of a cold room door and guarantee its performance in terms of durability, efficiency and cold-proofing, its process of assembly must be carried out with the utmost care.

But how are the components assembled, and what are the solutions that can simplify the process? Here are some tips by Intertecnica on how to choose components that are durable and easy to assemble.


Assembling the components of a cold room door

The components of a cold room door are normally put together with special screws. The first step, therefore, is to drill the holes required to fasten the components.

To simplify this process and speed up assembly, it is good practice to drill only as many holes as strictly necessary and, as a general rule, to make holes of the same diameter so that the screws can be fitted quickly and efficiently. Intertecnica has developed its products with this in mind, reducing the number of screws and making the holes all the same (or of two different diameters at the very most, without other variations).

Keeping the use of reinforcements for each component to a minimum can also help to simplify assembly, because obviously fewer reinforcements require fewer holes and therefore reduces the installation time. Intertecnica has developed various solutions that minimise the need to insert reinforcements: this is the case, for example, of many of the handles in the catalogue, which do not require the insertion of any reinforcement on the door panel.


Instructions on assembly and adjustments

Intertecnica has prepared illustrated instruction manuals that help the user to assemble all the components, including the more complex ones, with relative ease. The drawings show, in a simple and intuitive way, how to assemble and adjust each component and exploit its full potential.

Intertecnica’s products are also designed to allow the customer to adjust them quickly and easily and achieve the best results with the minimum of effort. Intertecnica products can be adjusted at any time. This means mistakes made during assembly can be corrected to keep the component, door and entire cold room in perfect working order; and all adjustments can be made according to the customer’s real needs. The combinations of adjustments are limited in number, allowing the customer to adapt the components in every way required and identify the optimal solution without difficulty.  

Intertecnica components can now also be adjusted by a single person, unlike in the past. This is the case not only with the closures, which can be adjusted according to the situation, but also with more complex components such as the hinges. Intertecnica has made it very easy to perform adjustments: you simply undo the cover and turn a screw without the need for another person to support the door in the meantime. 

This ease of intervention allows for safer, faster and effortless adjustment and, not least, greater autonomy in the majority of cases, without the need for costly recourse to the services of external specialist staff.