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Facts, news and curiosities from the world of industrial refrigeration.

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09 November 2023

Made by Intertecnica: why choosing us can make a real difference in your projects

27 October 2023

Digital Tools by Intertecnica: a true revolution in the refrigeration market

12 October 2023

‘Design Thinking’: our solutions for saving time and making your cold rooms efficient over the years

28 September 2023

Intertecnica Kits: specific solutions for all types of doors

09 March 2023

Flush, semi-rebated and overlapping: aspects and advantages of the various types of cold room doors

21 February 2023

How to assemble the components of a cold room door

10 February 2023

Components for the doors of cold rooms: plastics and steel materials in comparison

24 January 2023

Versatile components for cold rooms: Intertecnica's solutions

11 January 2023

Doors for cold rooms: types and maintenance

07 October 2022

Choosing the ideal supplier of cold room door components? Nine features not to forget