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Reinforcements for cold room doors: what they are, where to place them, and when to apply them

Reinforcements for cold room doors: what they are, where to place them, and when to apply them

During the construction of a cold room door, special reinforcements should be inserted to allow the parts to be fixed safely and stably. This is done to ensure that the installed components (handle, hinge, sliding system...) remains fixed and does not move, even when subjected to repeated and significant stresses. 

In fact, the door panel of a cold room in many cases consists of a very thin sheet-metal casing filled with insulating material (polyurethane), which in turn is very light. This type of structure may not be able to support the stresses necessary to move if it is not properly reinforced at the right points. It is different if the door panel is made by cutting a larger panel to size. In this case, different types and numbers of reinforcements of are required, but their presence is still essential for guaranteeing that the door seals correctly and that the internal temperature of the room is maintained.

The reinforcements are therefore an essential element for guaranteeing the seal of the door, allowing it to achieve excellent performance over time, but we must not forget that these elements weigh down its general structure and constitute potentially problematic points. Indeed, the reinforcements consist of metal plates generally made of stainless steel, iron, or sheet metal, which must be suitably fixed to both the door and the frame at the same point. During the design phase, it is therefore essential to define how many are needed, where they must be placed, how they must be fixed, and so on, considering the size of the door, its weight, the type of part to fix to each particular reinforcement, etc.

Reinforcements for Intertecnica parts

Reinforcements are essential elements for sealing the door, but their correct design and placement is subject to extremely variable rules. The choice of particular types of products, for example, may allow you to completely forego reinforcements, which might be essential in other situations.

The philosophy behind Intertecnica cold room door components is to minimize the number of necessary reinforcements, and it is no coincidence that today, Intertecnica is the supplier of parts requiring the fewest reinforcements

Choosing a certain type of product allows you to completely avoid installing reinforcements. Such is the case, for example, with some Intertecnica handles, which do not require reinforcement in the door panel. In other cases, however, the reinforcement is still necessary, for example, when a side handle is installed. Reinforcements are also generally required at the wheels of sliding doors and hinges of hinged doors, as well as all parts mounted on the edge of the door. Each situation, however, must be specifically evaluated, considering the features of the door, its dimensions, the chosen opening system, and so on.