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INTERTECNICA 60th anniversary - Intertecnica
The Company Intertecnica was established in 1957 on the enterprising of Cavaliere del Lavoro Dino Marchiorello and nowadays, after more than 50 years, the same family is still running the firm with the cooperation of skilled managers.
At the beginning, the Company starts and successfully pursues its activity in the domestic appliances components market and develops a range of products in the refrigeration field: fasteners and hinges for medium and large cold rooms.
During the 70’s, the Company enhances its position, undertaking qualified engineers who detect the right market requirements, in the projects of new products. The functionality, the material selection and the design of Intertecnica products have become a benchmark even for competitors.
Since then, the compensation valves ‘Elebar’ represent leader and emblematic items and are worldwide appreciated for their performances.


At the same time, the Company expands its business activity in the trade of new innovative products such as machines for wire processing and equipments for printed circuit board assembly.
Other products and brands have given a contribution to the Company success up to now and the several Divisions have been grouped in the Company Ik-Interklimat S.p.A.
Intertecnica has always manufactured the most of its components in its own plant in Veneto (Italy), carefully and promptly fulfilling to Customers demands.


From the past to the present, the Company has been able to be abreast with the times, respecting the custom and industrial awareness of the Founder and nowadays it is prepared to face up new challenges and competitions on the global market.

Ideas and innovations, research and development, importance and awareness of its position on the national and international market make Intertecnica a leader, able to support and comply with Customers requests.

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The Right Accessory
The long experience in the industry and the attention to the needs of the market allow Intertecnica to design each product with the right combination of plastic and metallic materials. Many components are patented and all of them are made to simplify the work of the professionals in the refrigeration industry. The customized solutions allow the fulfilment of every need and the ease of installation avoids any interruption of the productive processes. Here are the details

Fasteners: with or without key, interchangeable right/left, with safe internal release in compliance with EN 179 standard

Hinges: with or without helical ramp with the possibility of adjustments after installation, suitable for doors of various weight and thickness, interchangeable right/left

Sliding systems: for all size doors, single or double leaf and wall guide equipped. Sliding systems can be combined with SA100 Kit, an automation that includes an innovative electronic unit with input power supply range from 90V to 265V AC 50-60 Hz single phase

Lever handles for sliding doors: the example is the IK8100 that eases the opening of sliding doors of all sizes. Interchangeable right/left, can be installed on doors ≥ 60mm thick. Thanks to the innovative joint system, you can also install just the inside handle

Compensating valves: essential accessory to maintain the balance between the internal and external pressure of the room, especially for temperatures below 0°C. The ‘GZERO’ valve, a 2016 innovation, responds to the demands of the market and is the first valve that ensures and maintains the same characteristics of perfect functioning independently of the wall or ceiling mounted. The range of product is suitable for all rooms, from the smallest to the biggest ones

Panel clamps, gaskets, fixed handles, and other accessories complete the product line


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IK Interklimat
INTERTECNICA is a Division of IK Interklimat S.p.A. – Company with sole shareholder under direction and coordination on behalf of Ik Finanziaria S.r.l. - VAT: IT00805680154